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Twi Tour MN 2009 Recap (Part One)~including "The Elevator Girl" Story :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

We arrived just after noon and I ran up to the 4th floor to get registered for the convention. My parents checked us into the hotel and got our stuff taken up to the room. I met Val and Erin in the lobby area as well as Julia shortly after arriving. We went into the Ballroom for the 12:30 start. The Hillywood Show cast came out and kicked off the event. They showed their Twilight spoof and later introduced Gil.

Here's their Twilight spoof:

Gil took the stage around 1PM and he was SO awesome!!! A few people asked questions about what it was like to play a character restricted to a wheelchair. Some one said that they heard that he played guitar and sang…so we convinced him to play a song and sing for us. It was awesome!! He rocked the house!!

Here's the video of Gil playing for us:

I wasn’t too thrilled when I found out that Jackson, Ashley and Kellan canceled, but Gil was SO funny and so down to earth, that I started to really enjoy myself…and he was only the first guest. I totally missed the trivia contest-I went up to my room to unpack some things and to primp for my photo op with Peter. We got back to our seats before the Hillywood cast introduced Peter.

Peter was the only one of the original 6 guests who didn’t cancel. He owned the stage! He was so funny and I think everyone in the audience was mesmerized by him (I know I was). One of the questions really stumped him and he told the inquirer to come up on stage b/c she won the prize for stumping him. She was sitting a few people away from me and she was so stunned!!! He had her sit in the chair and pretended to bite her and said “You’re part of the family now”, then gave her a side-hug. OMG and she said he smelled good. The question was “How do you compare the writing and directing of Twilight with the other teen movies you have done?” Did they ask you not to play too adult for a teen film? He didn’t want to do other teen movies right away because he didn’t want to be typecast…went the other direction and did Supernova which was on the other direction. “Whenever I finish something I try to do something completely different.” Here's the video of it from YouTube:

Then he started having everyone come on stage to ask their questions. It made me wish I had written a question for him (I would have been the last person to submit a ? because I was trying to decide what to ask before the lady took the ? box away). He had them come onstage, read the question, he’d answer it and give them a hug. **swoon** The other highlight to his talk was his RV stories…hilarious!!!

He also told us how excited he was about the clearance sticker sale at the Mrs. Grossman’s sticker factory. He was extremely entertaining! We laughed so hard! He went WAY over on his time, though.

We started lining up for our photo ops in the hallway. They're pushing people through real quick like and I decide...hmmm....I'm gonna ask for a hug. So as I start walking towards him I say, "Can I have a hug?" and he doesn't hear me right and says, "What do you need?"...ummmm....what????? wait, what's my name? What did I ask? Huh? So I recovered quickly (thank goodness) and said again..."Can I have a hug?" And he grabs me and gives me a huge...I mean HUGE hug (like an Emmett-sized bear hug) and says, "hugs are always good". (I am seriously still getting goosebumps and warm fuzzies thinking about it and replaying it in my head). And I had a pair of my TwilightTammy Cullen Crest earrings in my pocket and I pulled them out and asked, "Will you please give these to Jennie for me?" He takes them from me...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he touched my hand.... and he says "Awww...thanks" and as I'm walking away he's looking at me saying thanks. I.can't.breathe.
I walk out of the room bouncing....seriously bouncing...and met up with the TMs (Julia) I was hanging out with and I totally squee'd!!!!! I said, "OMG!!!! Peter just hugged me!!!! I asked if I could get a hug and he totally hugged me!!! AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

A little bit later when we got up to Peter for his autograph he agreed to take a picture with me, and I got one with Gil as well.

Oh my goodness!!! For every moment that I was sad about Kellan, Jackson and Ashley canceling for this thing...Peter so totally made up for it....TOTALLY!!!

I'll be sleeping with a BIG smile on my face tonight...if I can even fall asleep that is!!!

After the autograph session, I went up to my room to freshen up a bit. Then I had a little bit of time and I was having major withdrawal, so I went to the lobby (the only place for free internet access) to check TMs and my email. I posted a real quick message saying that I got a huge hug from Peter and that I had to get going to meet some TMs for dinner at Hard Rock Café. It was 8:00 and I look up to see Peter strolling past the elevators saying good-bye to some of the staff. He had his hat on and his rolling suitcase. I grabbed my laptop and bag-didn’t even put anything away and walked quickly to see if I could get a closer peek (obsessed much?) Unfortunately he was gone and I went up to my room to drop off my laptop and headed over for dinner.

We had our TM get together at Hard Rock Café: Laurie, Tara, Jen, Erin, Val, Julia, Sheila and her DH, Vanessa, and Janet were all there. We had a great dinner and it was fun chatting about what had happened at the convention so far. I told them I had seen Peter leaving the hotel.

After dinner, some of the group went out and others of us went to check out the Friday night musical concert. We went into the ballroom to check it out, but there was too much distortion and it was way too loud. Everyone else headed back to their hotels and I went up to my room to get my laptop. While I was playing around, Sheila and her DH stopped by to say hi. He asked if I saw Peter leave again and I said no…they said that he was downstairs at the concert telling the audience that he forgot his passport and wasn’t going to be able to go to London for the LCC that night. Why did I decide to pass on the concert again? **sigh** I continued to play around and at one point realized that Peter was standing across the lobby from me. OME This was around midnight. I was trying to find some one online to chat with and share this news!!! Then Amy, Trina, Debs and others were over by me looking towards Peter and saying they didn’t know if they should go talk to him again. I said that I’d go with them if they decided to go talk to him. They told me that they had been hanging out with him in the hotel bar for the past few hours. OME…what didn’t you guys tell me? Grrrrr. They said he was just chatting with them, playing the guitar and the Wii and he was totally bummed that he forgot his passport. So I took a pic with Amy and then they left. I looked over and Peter wasn’t there anymore. Next thing I know I see him over by the elevators with Amy & crew. Some others were over there too. I grabbed my camera and asked the girl at the table next to me if she would watch my computer for me for a minute. She agreed and I walked (quickly) over to where they all were. Peter looked pretty tired. Debs and Amy were saying something to him. I said “Peter, you’re going to meet one of my friends at the London Comic Con”. He said, “Hopefully she’ll be able to come on Sunday because I forgot my passport and I won’t make it for tomorrow” (or something like that). I said, “Yeah, that sucks.” He told us all that he was going to head up to bed. I said “Sweet Dreams”. I didn’t sleep very well, after the excitement of the day and the anticipation for the panel on Saturday, I just didn’t get much sleep.

We woke up Saturday and I went to breakfast with my parents. I made it to the convention for the Hillywood show welcome at 11:50. We got to watch part of Ashley’s interview from the ATL convention the weekend before. Next up was the wolf pack. Holy crow were these boys cute!!! And built!!! This was their first convention and they were super excited!!!

I was having a hard time concentrating my nerves were on edge with the panel coming up. I'm walking around checking with the Creation Ent. people to see if we can video tape our panel, if we can put our gifts for the gift exchange somewhere and other stuff (I was a mini-basket case). I find out from one of the ladies that we can put our gifts to the right of the stage (backstage), so I decide that I should go upstairs and grab the gift bags I made up for all the gals on the panel as a thank you for participating. I stop in the lobby at one of the vendors to buy a super cool necklace like the one that one of the other TMs (Shesserious) had on the night before and I put the $1 change from the purchase in my back pocket (details, details). I'm chatting with her for a few minutes, since she is also on TMs (takenbytwilight) and then I say I better head up to my room to get something and then get ready for the panel. So I get to the elevator and push the button for floor 11 and head up. I grab my Edward & Bella carrying case that my brother and SIL bought me for my b-day present from Hot Topic :) I had all the goody bags in there. I grab it and run back out of the room. I press level 4, which is the ballroom level for the Twi Tour events and then I realize that I forgot the TMs t-shirt I brought for skydvrbrit to wear for the panel, so I push 11 again…but the elevator is already going down. The elevator stops at floor 7 and the door opens and Edi and Peter are standing there. I froze (deer in the headlights look on my face , I am sure LOL) My heart stops...literally and I smile hugely and say animatedly "HI" to Edi, he smiles and says "hey". They continue this conversation they are having…something like this as Peter steps onto the elevator:

Edi~“where are you going next?”

Peter~“I finally got my passport so I’m heading to London, then Dublin, then Dallas, then to Hawaii with the family for three weeks”
Edi~“NY, than LA, then Africa”
So they're trying to figure out when they are going to be able to hang out again. Did I mention that the whole time this is happening Peter is holding the elevator doors open with his arms? I don’t know why, but it seemed so sexy to me for some reason.
Edi looks at me and apologizes for keeping me from wherever it is I need to go, and I said, “Oh, no that’s okay…go right ahead and keep chatting, I’m fine. Can I please get a quick picture, though?”

They were totally cool with that and we were trying to figure out how to get all three of us in the picture.

Thank goodness for the mirrored interior of the elevator. Peter even helped me to angle the camera so we were all in the picture. **thud** The picture is kinda fuzzy, but I didn’t want to push my luck and keep trying for a perfect shot. I was totally on cloud nine this whole time!!!

So after we take the picture, they do this man-hug thing (and a fist pump, I think )
and some "I miss you's"
and Edi says bye to me and the door closes
So it's just me and Peter and I am totally frazzled, but trying to think of something to say.
So I say, "I don't even know where I'm going anymore" Seriously Tammy...really? what was I thinking?

And he says "You're going to the lobby"

LMAO, really?
So I said “It sucks to forget stuff in your room. I have to go back upstairs and grab something else from my room.”
And he says “Yeah, you know what sucks is forgetting your passport when you are supposed to be going to London.”
So I say to Peter..."Yeah, that does suck. I'm sorry.”
And then it's time for him to get off the elevator and he says, “Good luck with getting your stuff.” And I say, “Have a safe trip.” And he’s gone…the door closes…OMP, I am shaking, WOW…just crazy!!!
So I get up to my room and grab the shirt I needed and am totally freaking out, seriously cannot breathe or think right and I get down to the ballroom level and see the lady I bought the necklace from...I tell her what happened, I tell the girl at the photo table what happened, and I see one of the other TMs (CuteVamp) and I tell her what happened. I was so on cloud nine and she kept telling me to calm down and breathe. LOL I told her that when I was in the elevator I wanted to ask him for another hug, but I didn't think that was appropriate because we were the only ones in the elevator and I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. So, then I had to calm myself down enough for the panel, because this happened right before that and I was shaking.

I promise I'll come back and write the rest of the story...I've just been too busy with work and life in general to finish this. Here's the pic of me & Edi from Sunday afternoon. :) Check back soon for Part II. :D

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